Dry Vans Transportation

ET Motor Freight’s trailer fleet features 53′ Logistics Dry Vans equipped with GPS tracking, ensuring efficient transportation of your goods—whether for short-haul, long-haul, or regional needs—across the contiguous 48 states of the USA.

Transport of Dry Goods

Personal and Dependable Dry Goods Transportation Service With Dry Vans

As the most common form of transportation, dry vans are used to deliver all forms of general freight requiring protection from the elements, including automotive parts, furniture, building and construction supplies, paper products, plastics, dry, canned and non-perishable foods, packaging material and the like.

Dry Vans are ideal for solid, non-perishable items that don’t require refrigeration. They can be loaded onto short 20-feet long trailers or larger 53-feet trailers

For larger and heavier loads, we are equipped with wide vans, high cube vans and multi-axle vans. Vented vans are also available, in case your goods require ventilation.

Transport of Dry Goods

Transportation in Dry Vans

Dry vans are used to deliver all forms of general freight requiring protection from the elements, such as:

Reliable Shipping Partner

Our trucks feature satellite-tracking technology that gives you real-time information regarding your freight’s delivery.

  • Experienced 24/7 dispatchers
  • Industry leading on-time delivery rate
  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • US bonded for fast and secure border crossings
  • Full truck loads and LTLs
  • Tailgate service
  • Expedited shipments for fast, non-stop delivery
  • Customized dry goods services
  • Fully certified to transport hazardous materials
  • Across the contiguous 48 states of the USA
Reliable Shipping Partner

Why Choose ET MotorFreight for Your Needs?



We are a USA-based company with locations in Georgia, USA and Ontario, Canada – with a large fleet of trucks available to transport your goods within USA.
Dry, Cool, Heated, Flatbed

Dry, Cool, Heated, Flatbed

Whether your load requires heating, cooling, custom-tailored delivery options – we’ve got you covered. We will work with you to ensure your goods are delivered to the desired destination on time.
Fully Certified

Fully Certified

ET Motor Freight is certified with CBSA & ASFC, C-TPAT, PIP, CSA, FAST, ACE, ACI, HAZMAT, and SmartWay – to ensure your goods are delivered without delays, hidden fees, and unnecessary inspections.
Over 100 Trucks

Over 100 Trucks

We own a fleet of modern trucks to transport your goods in the US and across the border. We continuously upgrade equipment in line with industry standards, with technology that ensures you get a solid transport service each time.
Over 200 Trailers

Over 200 Trailers

We own over 200 trailers to transport your perishable and non-perishable goods. With a large fleet, you can hire ET to transport both large and small loads using Vans, Reefers, Heated trailers and Flatbeds.
98% On-time Delivery

98% On-time Delivery

We understand the importance of goods delivered on time and we’re constantly innovating our trucks to ensure the most accurate and reliable delivery time for you. We’re proud of our industry leading 98% on-time delivery track record!

Client Reviews

ET Motor Freight works with professional partners and suppliers to ensure successful project completions.

Good afternoon. I have not had any negative situations that has caused customer service failures. Staff from Dispatch, tracing and billing exceed the exceptions, very pleasant to speak to. I would like to make sure that Sharma is recognized in your company. He has come up with recommendations that he made happen without causing any interruptions on service. Prompt on responding to requests and professional.

Luigi DeMatteo

ET Motor Freight went above and beyond to accommodate our company needs. They showed professionalism and great organizing/planning skills which led to having a our shipment on-time. Thanks ET Motor Freight

Nick Carter

It is with pleasure that I am writing to recommend the services of ET Motor Freight. ET Motor Freight has been servicing Coca- Cola’s inbound freight requirements for almost a year now. Our freight is comprised of high-value, temperature controlled hazardous materials. As this is the main ingredient for our production , on time delivery is a must. ET Motor Freight has been a valued partner and a pleasure to work with.

Jonathan Z, Transportation Planner, Coca Cola Canada

It is with pleasure and ease that I submit this recommendation email for ET Motor Freightation. ET has been servicing Eastman Kodak successfully for 3+ years and has done so with great success.

OTP has been at 99% and they have yet to let us down. Even during times of additional volume or late notice, ET will come through with support and at fair cost. Besides good performance, their integrity is extremely high and they stand by their commitments. This praise comes at no easy feat as we have many requirements on our lanes including: Bonded, CSA, Logistics trailers, Reefer and Haz shipping.

Justin, Transportation Manager, Kodak

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have TRI-AXLE vans? +

Yes, we have a fleet of triaxle trailers that can haul excess weight across the USA

Are your trailers plated? +

Yes, all of our trailers are plated.

Do you rent out vans? +

Yes, we can provide vans by the hour, day or longer. Contact us for current rates and availability.

Barn doors and Roll-Up doors? +

The vast majority of our trailers are barn doors but we can provide roll-up doors where needed.

Do trailers have wooden floors? +

Yes – to brace the freight with blocks and nails.

What dry vans are ideal for? +

Dry Vans are ideal for solid, non-perishable items that do not require refrigeration. They can be loaded onto short vans that are 20 feet long, or larger trailers up to 53 feet. For larger and heavier loads, ET Motor Freight has wide vans, high cube vans and multi-axle vans, too. In case your goods require ventilation, vented vans are also available. Let ET Motor Freight know what type of load you have, and we will custom-tailor the ideal transportation solution for you, getting your load to its destination safely, securely, and on time.

Do your Dry vans have logistics posts? +

Yes, all our Dry Van trailers have Vertical Logistics posts that are spaced 24 or 48 inch apart.

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